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Engineering topological phases

I constructed a number of proposals for measuring the properties of non-interacting topological phases. Recently, together with Ching-Kai Chiu and Marcel Franz, I proposed a setup for creating interacting topological phases of Majorana fermions. The ingredients are: surface of a 3-dimensional TI at Dirac point, and an s-wave superconductor. For example, we proposed a way to measure the Z_8 periodicity in interacting BDI model, as well as physical realization of the interaction-enabled topological phases.


Schematic setups to measure the 1d and 2d interaction-enabled phases are below (this is from a follow-up paper, where Xiaoyu Zhu joined us):


1d and 2d interaction-enabled phases


(c) APS, figure from PRB 92, 075438 (2015)

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